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Explorer, Observer, Creator. 

For BBC Promos: https://vimeo.com/hellosepi

I have just wrapped up my time at Kingston University studying Graphic Design with a first class degree. I believe idea is king and to me as a piece of work feels lost without an idea, just like strawberries without cream. When there is cream, it just completes the dish.

Kingston has made me realise my formula for design; fun, interaction, culture and engagement. My work currently sits between interactive ad campaigns to educational and emotive experiences. I value first hand research within my process as a lot of design is for an audience, for them to view, to enjoy and to take something away from it.

All of my projects start with a hello.  

I have an enthusiastic manner towards work and love working in groups and independently too. One of my tutors Zelda Malan, described me to have ‘relentless energy’ so I guess you could say I am a bit like a friendly Duracell bunny, I like to be on the go and not give up.

I'm a keen collaborator so feel free to get in touch!

Full CV on request.


If you want to see some older work: 



  • BBC Creative - Creative Intern – Current position
  • Designjunction (London) – Filmmaker / Editor
  • The Brooklyn Brothers – Intern
  • Blueprint Teaching Scheme – Tutor and Manager
  • Wimbledon Media & Photography Team
  • BUBU & Bob Design – Live Brief
  • Amnesty International – Live Brief
  • UK Youth – Freelance Graphic Designer
  • City College Brighton & Hove – Competition Winners for concept and branding the Art Foundation end of year show


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