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Explorer, Observer, Creator and avid Cake Eater.


For BBC & AKQA work: https://vimeo.com/hellosepi


Some work has a private link so if you want to see a couple more sport related projects please e-mail me.

Oh hi there! Now you can put a face to the confusing name. My name is Sepideh (however everyone calls me Sepi for short). 

I am a Creative / Video Editor / Designer with an eye for moving image and social media as well as keen baker. I can sometimes whisk up some mean dark chocolate truffles.  

I wrapped up my Graphic Design degree at Kingston University in 2016 with a first class honours degree. I believe idea and narrative is king and to me as a piece of work feels lost without these. Just like strawberries without cream. When there is cream, it just completes the dish. (Unless you can't consume dairy which I apologise if you fall into this category.) 

I have an enthusiastic manner towards work and I always believe it's important to keep learning. One of my tutors Zelda Malan, described me to have ‘relentless energy’ so I guess you could say I am a bit like a friendly Duracell bunny, I like to be on the go and not give up.

I'm a keen collaborator so feel free to get in touch!

If you want to see some older work to have a giggle: 



  • AKQA - Assistant Video Editor
  • BBC Creative - Creative Intern
  • Designjunction (London) – Filmmaker / Editor
  • The Brooklyn Brothers – Intern
  • Blueprint Teaching Scheme – Tutor and Manager
  • Wimbledon Media & Photography Team
  • BUBU & Bob Design – Live Brief
  • Amnesty International – Live Brief
  • UK Youth – Freelance Graphic Designer
  • City College Brighton & Hove – Competition Winners for concept and branding the Art Foundation end of year show

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